The Idea Lab

Cycling Backpacks

The Idea Lab is Western owned manufacture of high quality premium Cycling. We understand that whilst Chinese factories are becoming increasingly efficient, sometimes they fail to meet our standards of quality and service. We are here to ensure those requirements are met.


If you are looking for high quality bag and rucksack manufacturing services, you are in the right place. The Idea Lab, based in Guangzhou, China, is a quality driven and price focused off shore manufacturing company. Western owned and compliant in international quality standards The Idea Lab is one of the leading companies in South China positioned to deliver some of the best promotional products and design services at the affordable costs. Read below to learn a little about where we focus when manufacturing Cycling backpacks 

420L Hexagon.jpg

The Idea Lab recommends a very lightweight, but durable fabric such as 420L Hexagon Ripstop or something similar. With a low denier (meaning the thread count is low) but a high tenacity, making it resistant to further tears. As cyclists use their backpack during periods of intense exercise its important that any weight saved, can be. Yet also given that cyclists spend most of their time outside, the 420L needs to be waterproof too protecting the contents of the bag. 420L is often a first choice for other light weight items such as hammocks and pack-away rain jackets  


The process behind creating ripstop is a little more complex than typical fabrics. Often made from Nylon, it involves a special reinforcing technique that adds resistance to tearing and ripping. During weaving, reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern, typically at 5-8mm. This actually creates a 3-dimensional structure due to the thicker threads being woven into thinner cloth. More modern technology and weaving techniques has made the interwoven ripstop threads less obvious.


Stitching on the straps needs to be secured and well done, with a thick thread to avoid tears with consistent wear and tear. The Idea Lab, with a continued presence in the factory is able to check during the manufacturing process that the rip stop of the sourced material adheres to our quality standards and the factory floor is maintaining its producing continued good quality work. As backpack and bag manufactured is highly specialised manual labour, if one person in the chain of production slips, the entire quality of the order is potentially jeopardised. So a continued presence is needed in the factory floor to ensure standards are met.