The Idea Lab

Design A Bag

The Idea Lab is Western owned manufacture of high quality premium Cooler Bags. We understand that whilst Chinese factories are becoming increasingly efficient, sometimes they fail to meet our standards of quality and service. We are here to ensure those requirements are met.


If you are looking for high quality bag and rucksack design and prototyping services, you are in the right place. The Idea Lab, based in Guangzhou, China, is a quality driven and price focused off shore manufacturing company. Western owned and compliant in international quality standards The Idea Lab is one of the leading companies in South China positioned to deliver some of the best promotional products and design services at the affordable costs. 


It may seem daunting the idea of bringing your design for a backpack to life and entering mass production. Actually we want to re-assure you its quite straight forward and both the development costs and time needed are not outrageous. The first step is to take your sketch, idea or rough drawing and create a technical drawing complete with dimensions. This process needs around 7-10 days, but usually the first drawing is completed inside 3 days. To make a technical drawing like the one shown above costs around $150 USD and is a complete blue print for any manufacturer to begin making your design. If you are thinking about creating a design from scratch, but don't know how to start, you are in the right place. Hit Enquire Here at the bottom of the page and we can begin in as little as two days. 


Once you have secured a technical drawing, you are ready to begin prototyping. Prototyping is extremely crucial to the manufacturing process. It is where you will find out what is wrong with your design and what needs changing. Prototyping costs usually start at around $150 but do depend on the complexity of the design (rarely exceed $250). All prototypes are made by hand in a workshop. When prototyping it is important to remember that it can be a long winded, drawn out affair. It is not unusual for first round of prototyping to take three weeks or more before any revisions are made to the design. We like to try and help the client recuperate prototyping costs, so we nearly always refund this cost against any mass production orders. If you have a technical drawing already and would like to learn about prototyping and how we can help you, please enquire below. 


With a prototype in hand, we are able to effectively calculate the total amount of material used, the labour required to attach zippers and other features. Once the prototype has been finalised, we are able to help you get a proper quote for mass production of your desired quantity. MOQs usually start at 300 pieces but it does depend on the bag design, complexity and the availability of materials in the market place. Whilst we are able to offer guideline quotes based on technical drawings, a finished visual prototype is much more helpful. With a prototype in hand we can also look at potential lead time issues, bottle necks in the supply chain and if there are particular areas in quality control we need to be wary of. As a Western owned Product Design & Development company in South China with over 10 years experience we are your first choice to help you get both the quality and pricing you expect. Hit Enquire Here to get started with your design.