The Idea Lab

Duffel Bags

The Idea Lab is Western owned manufacture of high quality premium duffel bags. We understand that whilst Chinese factories are becoming increasingly efficient, sometimes they fail to meet our standards of quality and service. We are here to ensure those requirements are met.

If you are looking for high quality bag and rucksack manufacturing services, you are in the right place. The Idea Lab, based in Guangzhou, China, is a quality driven and price focused off shore manufacturing company. Western owned and compliant in international quality standards The Idea Lab is one of the leading companies in South China positioned to deliver some of the best promotional products and design services at the affordable costs. Read below to learn a little about where we focus when manufacturing Duffel bags. 


With many duffel bags servicing many everyday needs, such as going to the gym, travelling or an overnight bag. It is important that we choose a fabric that is both durable, usually something with a medium denier as well being waterproof. Often we can make the duffel out of two separate layers, an outer layer that used a higher denier, with a greater tenacity and tensile strength. For the lining it is acceptable to use something much lighter and loose fitting. This means that even if the outside layer of fabric is damaged or wet, the things inside are protected. Remember that generally speaking too, the lighter the denier of the fabric, the easier it is to work with and the less quality control issues it presents at the end of production. 


In a bag such as a duffel bag, the zipper will get a lot of day to day use. It is important it can stand up to the stresses of being opened and close multiple times per day. If the zipper fails, the quality of the bag is compromised. 

There are two leading zipper manufacturers in the world. The first is YKK and the second is SBS. YKK is a Japanese company and SBS a Chinese company. Both are market leaders in terms of quality and market share, with YKK more vertically integrated, but SBS producing huge volume.

Given our placement in China we prefer to use SBS, but if you have a specific requirement for YKK we can arrange. Don't take any second chances when it comes to arranging raw materials for production. With almost 10 years experience in China and off shore manufacturing we are the only choice to assure both quality and price. 


The largest obstacle for most importers who are undertaking off-shore manufacturing in China is access to the supplier. There are so many important parts in the supply and manufacturing process that need due diligence and oversight. Control of the raw material is a preliminary measure that at least ensures the components in your bag are fully compliant.

The issue of keeping control of the manufacturing process is best achieved with a good inspection prior to manufacturing taking place. Counting the number of machines is sufficient for your manufacturing processes, as well as the needles are strong enough to penetrate your material. 

With over 10 years experience in China handling off shore manufacturing for our clients, if you need assistance manufacturing duffel bags, you are in the right place.