The Idea Lab

Neoprene Bags

The Idea Lab is Western owned manufacture of high quality premium Neoprene Bags. We understand that whilst Chinese factories are becoming increasingly efficient, sometimes they fail to meet our standards of quality and service. We are here to ensure those requirements are met.


If you are looking for high quality bag and rucksack manufacturing services, you are in the right place. The Idea Lab, based in Guangzhou, China, is a quality driven and price focused off shore manufacturing company. Western owned and compliant in international quality standards The Idea Lab is one of the leading companies in South China positioned to deliver some of the best promotional products and design services at the affordable costs. Read below to learn a little about where we focus when manufacturing Neoprene backpacks 


Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber. It has been around since the 1930s, however it wasn't until the 1950s that it was used to make what it is most famous for; wetsuits. Further technological developments mean that the neoprene we use today and the products we use it for have changed enormously from over 60 years ago. Nowadays Neoprene is used to beer coolers, wetsuits, leggings and of course backpacks. Neoprene is both a water and temperature resistant material that is typically laminated with another fabric prior to manufacturing. It is very durable, but can be challenging to work with requiring specialist manufacturing skill.


When working with Neoprene it is important to remember that the sewing is by far the most difficult process to handle. Most factories work with a large "denim" needle and heavy duty nylon thread. A smaller and weaker needle will invariably cause tangles and eventually break during stitching because they are not sharp enough to pierce through the neoprene. A longer stitch with a looser tension is the best fit for neoprene and will also help to prevent tangling and nesting at the bottom of the fabric. When sewing neoprene, it is important to be careful that the pieces are first glued together at the seams before stitching for added durability and to avoid stretching.  


Needles will break often during the manufacture of Neoprene backpacks, which is why broken needle testing is standard on all our orders, but with extra vigilance where children's products are involved. If you are procuring any kind of manufactured garment from China, it is so important that you look to arrange a third part inspection company to oversee some production processes. You can read about The Idea Lab's third party inspection service here and what we do. Aside from broken needle testing, it is also important to check on the quality of the laminate between the neoprene and the poly as poor finishing on the raw materials can invariably lead to problems down the line after product has shipped. The Idea Lab with over 10 years experience working in this industry in China is perfectly well placed to help you partner with a factory where your best interests are taken care of at an affordable cost, without compromising on quality.