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Promotional Products

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Since 2012 we have helped clients manufacture over 600,000 units including T Shirts, Jackets, Dresses & Jeans. Manufacturing is located almost entirely in the town of Humen, Guangdong. Whilst labour costs are rising in China, Humen is still favoured for garment production for its low order quantity requirements, well made products making it a favoured choice for clients looking to procure a few thousand t shirts for promotion or a new set of uniforms for workforce. We work with nylon, polyester, cotton, denim and varied types of wool. Order lead times and production methods vary and are finalised against each clients requirements. All factories are audited annually and we do not work with factories which either employ children nor comply with international regulations regarding safe working hours and practices. 

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As a glassware supplier for one of the worlds largest cruise line for a number of years we are well placed in Southern China to offer both quality and competitive pricing on a number of glass ware ranges. We handle Ceramic, Glass and Plastic with all factories audited and providing FDA compliant product. The vast majority of our production is in Zhangzhou, Fujian but with other manufacturing dotted around Guangdong and Zhejiang. If you have a specific design you want to develop, we can assist with bespoke development, which can be quite complicated and time consuming (typical timeframes from concept to production ready are five to six months) Click learn more to get an idea of how custom product development works and if you need our help.

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The chances are for every bag you see, one in ten will be made in the small town of Quanzhou, Fujian. This is where The Idea Lab has centralised our production of bags to oversee production of all different types of bags from outdoor backpacks to promotional pencil bags. Maintaining a high quality on rucksacks and bags can be difficult, but through our many years working out of Quanzhou we have built up relationships with some brilliant suppliers that are highly specialised in the production of bags and supply household names worldwide, giving us a benchmark in exceptional quality. If you are looking at manufacturing bags, you should look no further than Quanzhou, Fujian. 


Manufacturing electronics for promotional products can be very frustrating. Not least because typically components used in electronic products are outsourced from different factories before being brought in for final assembly. This out-sourcing makes quality control on final production very difficult as components are fitted inside finished products. We manufacture most electronic products in Shenzhen as it is a hub for both innovation and production. Products include power banks, speakers, LED gadgets and solar powered chargers.At the Idea Lab we will set up production so that we have access to all outlier factories that supply component pieces, giving greater transparency and control over final quality of the finished product.