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The Idea Lab is Western owned manufacture of high quality premium Rucksacks. We understand that whilst Chinese factories are becoming increasingly efficient, sometimes they fail to meet our standards of quality and service. We are here to ensure those requirements are met.


 Got a GREAT idea for a backpack design but not really too sure where to start?

Got a sketch or an idea in your head but don’t know how to turn it into a technical drawing or something that can be used for manufacturing?


Seen something you like but not too sure how to replicate it? Trawled Alibaba only to be met with inadequate responses from potential suppliers or ridiculously high minimum order quantities? 

If the answer to any of these questions above is yes then you are in the right place and we can help you.

The Idea Lab is a premier off-shore manufacturing company based in Guangzhou China since 2009 and specialising in backpack design and development for a variety of clients.


If you are looking for bespoke design then continue straight to our enquiry page,. If you are looking to purchase off the shelf, then its best to email us directly at with some indication of what you are looking for and we will follow up ASAP.


Yes we can! With our amazing team of artists we can turn your idea into a factory ready technical drawing in 7 days. The drawing when finished is 100% yours to do with what you want and you are under no obligation to continue working with us. A complete technical drawing allows you to get quotes from factories and develop samples, two very important parts of your backpack development process.Hit Enquire Now to Learn More.


To see a full breakdown of the sorts of bags and backpacks we make at The Idea Lab, click here. You can always come back and keep reading later. 


We have been positioned in China since 2009, meaning we really have nearly seen it all. We have amassed a huge network of fabulous suppliers that are competitively priced and professional. By choosing The Idea Lab you are working with a team of young professionals who really understand backpack manufacture as well operating in China. Hit Enquire Now to get started.


The fabric you choose will affect the overall quality of the bag. Too light and the bag will easily and quickly deteriorate, too heavy and it will seem impractical and cumbersome. There are four factors that make up the overall quality of the fabric.

  1. Weight. This is measured in Denier. The unit of the yarn's fineness equal to 1g per 9000 meters per yarn. The higher the denier, the heavier, stronger and more durable the fabric is.

  2. Tenacity. This is the tear strength. The fabrics ability to resist more tearing after an initial tear. Tenacity varies according to different fabrics.

  3. Tensile Strength. The tensile strength differs between fabrics. The construction, weave, denier, material used all affect the tensile strength of a backpacks fabric.

  4. Water Resistance. Some fabrics have been treated with water resistant coatings to make them able to repel water droplet. Aside from the treatment, the weave also affects the fabrics ability to resist water.

If you are unsure about which fabric is best for your backpack then you are in the right place. With over 10 years of experience working in this industry The Idea Lab is here to match your product to the correct fabric. 


We work with a range of materials. The most commonly used ones are: 

  1. Cordura Nylon. Cordura Nylon is one of the toughest backpack fabrics in the marketplace, making it a first choice for tough and rough environments. It is an air treated fabric and is the first choice for military style backpacks.

  2. Cotton Canvas – Cotton Canvas is inexpensive, but not very durable. It is however a first choice for children's and women's backpacks.

  3. Nylon – Nylon is most used in backpacks because it can be treated. Typical treatment amongst Nylon fabrics is waterproofing.

  4. Rip-stop Nylon – The name rip-stop, is because it does just that. It is a fabric that when torn will not further rip, owing largely to the heavy threads.

  5. Polyester Pack Cloth – Polyester pack cloth is neither as strong or durable as Nylon or Rip-Stop Nylon but it can resist UV degradation, which occurs in certain harsh environments. This makes it a good choice for backpacks manufactured in Europe & Australia.

  6. PVC Fabric – PVC fabric is very multi-functional, with variations in colour, durability and waterproofing. It can be customised to be flame retardant & tear resistant making it a good choice for workwear related products.

  7. Pack Cloth Nylon – A heavier fabric than other fabrics, but extremely durable owing to threads having an equal diameter. It can be readily waterproofed, has high abrasion resistance as well as being puncture resistant.

  8. Leather – One of the most classic and probably earliest fabrics used in making backpacks is leather. Although leather is known to be pricey, it is stylish and long lasting with proper care and maintenance. Sadly we do not work with leather.

  9. Dyneema – Dyneema is used in bullet proof vest, fishing nets, safety gloves making it a very strong fabric. It is also however very costly. It has some uses as a grid stop or rip stop in some nylon fabrics, by very high end custom backpack brands.

where do you manufacture bags.png

There are many cities around China that manufacture bags for export. However there is one place that synonymous with bag production and that is Quanzhou in Fujian. Rumour has it, that for every 10 bags in the world, 1 of them is coming from Quanzhou. If you are looking to manufacture bags, you are definitely in the right place. 


When we make samples for clients, we make sure they are exact and without mistakes. This means that if the supplier gets it wrong first time, you won't know about it. We work to our stringent quality control standards to ensure that you get good samples on time. With this in mind, we usually allocate around 7-15 days for sample production depending on the complexity of the design and the accessibility of the raw material in the market. 


The biggest cost for making samples is time and energy. The Idea Lab prides itself on delivering the best quality samples that demonstrate as close to your final product as is possible. Samples may also highlight potential flaws in your design. If we have the samples in stock, then there is a flat fee of £50 ($70) and the cost of shipping. If The Idea Lab has to manufacture the samples from your design the fee is £100 ($150) . However all sampling fees are completely refundable against any orders placed.


The MOQ, or the minimum order quantity is a number given by the factory as the minimum number they are willing to produce of one style. Some factories have lower MOQs than others and usually the MOQ depends on a number of factors, such as availability of material, quantity that can be dyed, production lines in operation, permanent work force. We appreciate that some businesses are just starting out, or wish to trial smaller orders and we will try to help you attain your desired MOQ. For backpacks the absolute minimum MOQ is around 300-500 pieces. 


If you as the importer are able to import licensed products then we can help you find good, legitimate licensed vendors. Quite often with licensed products only some of the production is done under a licensed roof. The Idea Lab is here to help. With our thorough network of world class suppliers we ensure the factories that say they are producing licensed goods are the ones actually producing. We have a zero tolerance policy toward out-sourcing. 


However you want to set up your trading relationship with your supplier in China, you are in the right place. If you wish to buy factory direct, you can do so with full transparency. 


The Idea Lab has been based in China for over 10 years, we are very familiar with the industry and the way businesses and people work over here. We are also a wealth of experience in the area of manufacturing promotional products as well as assisting with product development, sampling and prototyping. Our business is built on serving the interests of our customers which makes us a great first choice to discuss your idea. 


Broken Needle is the name of the test for garments and fabrics where they are passed through a metal detector to test for broken needles. It is much more common than you might think and presents a great risk to your product if it is not checked. Broken needle testing is time consuming and monotonous so many suppliers often overlook this process, in fact many suppliers don't even have the metal detecting machine. We view broken needle as standard on all orders and will arrange it as standard as part of our orders.


The Idea Lab can export to anywhere, but the main core of our business is focused in the US, UK, EU and Australia. With this in mind, we can only receive USD, CAD, AUD, EURO or GBP.


At the bottom of each page you will see the "Enquire Here" button. This will lead you to a specially catered page where you will be asked to answer a few questions about your product, quantity and terms of trade. With this information we will be best serviced to help you get started on manufacturing your product here in China. 


You may take for granted how a backpack is made, but in actual fact it is quite complicated and involves a number of unique processes that increase with the more functions that are added to the backpack, such as pockets, zippers etc. We have written a short blog post on how a backpack is designed, made and prepared for manufacture that you can read by clicking the learn more button below.