The Idea Lab

School Backpacks

The Idea Lab is Western owned manufacture of high quality premium Children’s Backpacks. We understand that whilst Chinese factories are becoming increasingly efficient, sometimes they fail to meet our standards of quality and service. We are here to ensure those requirements are met.


If you are looking for high quality bag and rucksack manufacturing services, you are in the right place. The Idea Lab, based in Guangzhou, China, is a quality driven and price focused off shore manufacturing company. Western owned and compliant in international quality standards The Idea Lab is one of the leading companies in South China positioned to deliver some of the best promotional products and design services at the affordable costs. Read below to learn a little about where we focus when manufacturing School backpacks 


A school bag needs to be durable, practical and well made. There are many factories in China making a variety of backpacks for export, and when Children are the end user, safety and concerns need to be at the forefront of the manufacturing requirements. It can be difficult sometimes to ensure in China that your requirements about material specification and production methods are met, especially so if you are not present in the factory yourself. That is why people choose The Idea Lab. We are here to work alongside you and ensure Western standards of quality and service are met without compromising on price.  


Our biggest concern when working with textiles and sewing is the issue of compliance and health and safety. The biggest threat to this is broken needle. The broken needle testing machine is simply a metal detector in which each garment is passed through. Typically the metal detector sits between two rooms, with the entrance to the metal detector outside and the end of the belt dropping off the detected garments inside another room. This is to create safe space, where foreign objects can not contaminate. Many factories operate without access to a broken needle machine. With our commitment to compliance we ensure one is arranged and the test carried out, making The Idea Lab your first choice. 


The quality of the material used, should be set out by the client in the initial brief, but typically a 210D polyester is more than sufficient. Medium strong needles should be used in conjunction with industrial sewing machines to ensure that breakages are kept to minimum. When manufacturing children's backpacks it is also important to remember that lightbulbs need to be protected properly as if they shatter on the factory floor it is very difficult to find which items have been contaminated. Further glass is not picked up by the broken needle machine. Manufacturing from China is not just about price, it is about balancing price, with quality and standards. The Idea lab is here as your partner to make that happen.