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Tiki Glassware


Typical Ceramic Tikis present a potential safety and hazard liability to both bar owners and customers. They are expensive and easily broken making them potentially unsafe for pool areas and outside bars. They are also prone to chipping during washing meaning their lifespan is quickly reduced.  

Our range of Tiki Cups are made from re-usable & recycled plastic meaning they are environmentally friendly and will stand the test of time. They are dishwasher proof and won't shatter making them very suitable for outside bars and pool side events. As great looking cups, these make excellent souvenirs as well as fantastic promotional merchandise products so it won't cost you an arm and a leg if a client takes it away after their cocktail.  We offer logo printing if required, and they start at very affordable prices of $1.75 per piece. This product is mass produced in China and will need to be shipped. 


The tiki cups are designed to hold 16oz (450ml) and are made from recycled FDA approved PP. Typically they are packed 48 pieces to a cardboard case with dividers. Each case comes labelled with your chosen carton markers. Gross weights for a carton are around 12 kg. If you require custom packaging to OEM your brand or logo please indicate so on the form on the next page. This will help us to process your enquiry faster. 


The standard colours we show the Tiki cups in are blue, green and black. However you can request bespoke colours. This is particularly useful if you want to buy tikis as a promotional product and want to include your brands colours. Minimum order quantities are required. If you want to buy our standard coloured tikis, we take orders of up from 1500 pieces per style. If you wish to have your own colours MOQs start at 3000 pieces.   Personalised logos if wanted are included as standard on 3000 piece orders. 


This product is made in South China, as such it is delivered EXW (or FOB at cost of delivery). Typical lead times if stock is unavailable are 15 days and are delivered in export ready cartons. If you have a freight forwarder who handles your export and delivery we will work with them to manage your order. Otherwise we can introduce you to a freight forwarder in your country. Please indicate in the enquiry form so we can get back to you with a full and proper quotation.